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President's Message

President Speech:


Flourishing with Shanghai Brilliance Rating, and looking forward the new horizons and chapters to the future!

Looking backShanghai Brilliance Credit Rating & Investors Service Co., Ltd. has walked through over 20 years.

Reviewing the pastwe sincerely express our gratitude and thanks to the friends and guests; Defining the future, we inspire ourself with a great vision.

Starting, we explored with dream. In the early days of Shanghai Brilliance Rating, there was a slow development in China bond market and there were few credit rating transactions. Shanghai Brilliance Rating adjusted actively its business structures, seized the opportunity of initial development in China securities market, provided consulting and strategic planning services for enterprise shareholding system reform and initial public offering with its own strength, and achieved a good result. It laid a development foundation for Shanghai Brilliance Rating on human resources, technology and financial resources.  

Standing fast, we persisted with faith. In late 1990s, Shanghai Brilliance Rating faced huge development challenges. Shanghai Brilliance Rating stuck to the faith and pursuit with the spirit of tenacity and persistence, facing the difficulties. Shanghai Brilliance Rating took a new path of development through active business structure adjustment and reinforced the foundations for the rapid development in the following years.

Developing, we harvested with confidence. In 2005, Shanghai Brilliance Rating hugged in a booming spring for an accelerated development. With the substantial increase in the size of credit and bond markets year by year, Shanghai Brilliance Rating developed rapidly in its credit rating business. Shanghai Brilliance Rating has thus become the first credit rating agency which obtained all credit rating qualifications from the People’s Bank of China, China Securities Regulatory Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission in China rating industry. Further, Shanghai Brilliance Rating has become a member of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia and established technical and comprehensive strategic cooperation with Standard & Poor's, one of international credit rating agencies.

Shanghai Brilliance Rating has got this far, deriving from a preciously rare opportunity given by the times, the support and care of the competent authorities, the support and tolerance of the shareholders, the trust and help of the partners and clients, the concern and care of all social circles, and the working together of all staff with the understanding of their families. On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Shanghai Brilliance Rating, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and highest respect to the leaders, colleagues and friends who care about and support the development of Shanghai Brilliance Rating!

Today, at a new starting point, we will adhere to the development strategy of "three locals": "with local agencies as the platform, with local staff as the main body, serve the local internationalized market and investors”. We will continue to carry forward our corporate culture of steady operation, integrity of others, quality orientation, and truth-seeking and practicality. We will improve our career cultivation and adhere to our corporate responsibilities. We will work harder and create greater glory in forging Shanghai Brilliance Rating a famous credit rating agency with international level and Chinese characteristics!

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