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Corporate News
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Held 2018 Annual Meeting and Spring Festival Party 8-2-2018
Shanghai Brilliance Rating :"China Bond Market Credit Rating Review and Outlook (2017 ~ 2018)" Seminar was Held in Beiji... 22-1-2018
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Provides Services for the First Belt and Road Panda Bond 10-1-2018
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Provides Services for Everbright Water 8-1-2018
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Awarded The Honor Of 2017 Shanghai Famous Service Enterprise Again 8-1-2018
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Publishes Sovereign Credit Rating of The Arab Republic of Egypt, The United Mexican States a... 29-12-2017
Industry News
两部门发文规范PPP债券融资 严防地方债风险 13-2-2018
China Opens Bond Market Has been Approved by Overseas Investors 7-2-2018
Improve the Mechanism of Handling Defaults on Bonds and Expand the Two - way Opening of the Bond Market 6-2-2018
Average Daily Trading Volume of Beixiangtong Over 3 Billion Yuan, Nanxiangtong is Expected to Expand This Year 5-2-2018
As of the End of 2017, the Local Government of the Country Has Issued 10.9 Trillion Yuan of Replacement Bonds Cumulative... 2-2-2018
Greece Wants Standard & Poor to Raise Its Ccredit Rating 2-2-2018
Policies and Regulations
Peoples Bank of China And Securities Regulatory Commission Notice [2017] No. 20: Guidelines for Green Bond Valuation and... 22-1-2018
Peoples Bank of China Notice [2017] No. 7. 3-7-2017
Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Ratings Rating Operation of the Securities Market Credit Rating Institutio... 27-6-2016
Rules on Payment Ability of Insurance Companies NO.15: Insurance Companies Credit Rating 13-2-2015
Implementing Rules of Credit Rating Agencies in Security Markets 6-1-2015
Budget Law 1-1-2015

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