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China Economic Herald Published the Research Article of Shanghai Brilliance Rating 29-7-2019
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Held Macroeconomic and Default Risk Outlook in Beijing 2-7-2019
2019 "Credit Quarter" Issue 2 Published 31-5-2019
Research Article Won "Outstanding Article" in 2018 Bond Magazine 13-5-2019
2019 "Credit Quarter" Issue 1 Published 27-3-2019
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Publishes Sovereign Credit Rating of The Republic of Estonia, The Republic of Croatia and Sl... 26-3-2019
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Held Zhejiang 2019 New Year Forum 8-3-2019
2018 Shanghai Brilliance Rating Research Collection 18-2-2019
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Held 2019 Annual Meeting and Spring Festival Party 29-1-2019
2018 "Credit Quarter" Annual Published 25-1-2019
Seminar on "Bond Market Credit Outlook 2019" Held in Shanghai 25-1-2019
Shanghai Brilliance Rating Provides Services for the People Government of Hebei Province Bond 25-12-2018
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